The yoga training DVD will give you step-by-step instructions which can help you exercise right in your home.

However, getting the exercise right is the only way one can make it work to his or her benefit.

Since yoga is a very useful practice for human health, it is beneficial to consider different types of yoga and their influence on one’s health, physical condition, and psychological well-being. One of the types we will analyze is yoga hatha. Yoga hatha is the most basic type of yoga, and is that branch of yoga that most people usually begin with when they start practicing. Invented by a yogi sage named Yogi Swatmarama in the 15th century, yoga hatha (coming from the Sanskrit term ha meaning sun and tha meaning moon) is the practice of uniting opposites, and the negative and positive energies of the sun and moon.

Here are the goals, practices and benefits of practicing yoga hatha:


Because yoga hatha is the practice of uniting opposites, it attempts to connect the body and the mind and find the balance between the two. This is done through meditation, including breathing techniques as well as different postures. The two major postures of yoga hatha are asana and pranayama. These combined, result in a combination of mental and physical harmony.


One major aspect of yoga hatha is asana which literally means seat in Sanskrit. This is the practice of remaining in a seated position, as well as other yogic positions. Daily practice of asana will result in higher muscles flexibility, bone strength, as well as the mental benefits of higher concentration, stamina and will power.


The other major part of yoga hatha is pranayama, which is the practice of using breathing control. The word comes from prana (source of life) and yama (control). This is important because it is believed in the yogic practice that controlling your breathing can help to control your mind as well as your body.

Benefits of Yoga Hatha

The effects of yoga hatha are many -mentally, it can help you handle stressful situations much better by increasing your concentration and physically, yoga hatha will help increase muscle strength and flexibility, as well as tone internal organs that can help treat and prevent such illnesses as diabetes and arthritis. The breathing exercises in yoga hatha also help with bronchial ailments such as asthma and bronchitis.

If you are curious about yoga, consider joining a class, or at least watching one where they are practicing this simplest form of yoga. By combining breathing and body movement, you will find that you can have control over your movements and find inner strength you never knew you had. This is a wonderful step to take if you find yourself stressed, or wanting to try something different. You will be amazed at what your body can do with the help of yoga, and how will your life change.